Item collection 1710897 original

Bloodshot Eye Balls-Needle Felted Earrings for this Halloween-Made to Order


Item collection 1710865 original

Pyrite Nugget-Necklace


Item collection 1710863 original

A Strand of Fun and Multicolor Beads Lariat (necklace or bracelet)


Item collection 1710854 original

Antique Gold Pipe Earrings


Item collection 1710833 original

Wedding/ Formal Party Brown Pearl Necklace


Item collection 1710851 original

African Dreams- Rectangle Gemstone Bracelet


Item collection 1710858 original

Ceramic Egg Necklace- Lavender Red, Orange


Item collection 1710868 original

Hand Knitted Mini Cross Shoulder Purse with Feather and Red Rondelle Stone Floating Necklace Set


Item collection 1710888 original

Sweet Sixteen Little Daisy Pendent Necklace Red and Turquoise Gemstones


Item collection 1710883 original

Blue Bird Eggs Necklace-Turquoise Blue, Gray Purple, Green


Item collection 1710893 original

Crocheted Necklace, Bracelet, Bracelet Ring-Rainbow Blue


Item collection 1710907 original

Loyal Blue with Cherry Red Necklace, Bracelet, Ring Bracelet, DIY-Super Long


Item collection 1710873 original

Ceramic Egg Necklace- Valentines Day Red and Orange


Item collection 1710902 original

Rice Pearls with Antique Filigree Flower


Item collection 1710879 original

Little Jade Wire Wrapped Long Necklace/Bracelet


Item collection 1710916 original

White Tear-Gemstone Necklace


Item collection 1710912 original

Her Pink Heart Bracelet-SALE


Item collection 1710920 original

Green Spider Fire Agate with Foil Glass Earrings-Mothers Day


Item collection 1710937 original

Black Filigree with Keshi Pearls Earrings


Item collection 1710925 original

Mother and Daughter Bean Lariat Necklaces


Item collection 1710930 original

The Mint


Item collection 1710945 original

Crystal Leaf Necklace


Item collection 1710941 original

Icy Crytsal Pendant 1.5inch/40mm


Item collection 1710955 original

Crocheted Necklace, Bracelet, or Bracelet Ring-Red n Black


Item collection 1710950 original

Antique Skeleton Key Necklace w Swarovski Crystals, Blue Faceted Rondelle Crystal, Freshwater Keshi Pearl


Item collection 1710965 original

Golden Rondelle Necklace


Item collection 1710960 original

Stacking Gems-Yellow Gemstones


Item collection 1710977 original

Sugar Cubes-Red Jade Necklace


Item collection 1710970 original

A Sugar Cube-Red Jade


Item collection 1710985 original

Glass Beads Ring


Item collection 1710980 original

Wild Wooden Earrings-Fire Phoenix, Blue Peacock, Yellow Mustard Leaves


Item collection 1710995 original

Peacock Blue Crystal Necklace-Royal Blue


Item collection 1710990 original

Swarovski VINTAGE Crystal Pendant, 20mm Scottie Dog, cell phone, handbag, key chain


Item collection 1711000 original

Fancy Pearls Bracelet


Item collection 1711005 original

Blue Crystal Butterfly Filigree Earrings-Long earrings


Item collection 1711011 original

12 Little Envelopes with Mini Note Cards-Flowers


Item collection 1711016 original

Mother's Day Brown Quartz Pendant Necklace-Gold


Item collection 336020 original

My Heart to You (Sweet Little Bear)


Item collection 335969 original

Czech Crystal and Keshi Pearls


Item collection 335915 original

Her Pink Heart Bracelet-SALE


Item collection 335808 original

Fire Agate Earrings-Sale


Item collection 335762 original

3-D Pyramid Origami Choker Necklace


Item collection 335710 original

3-D Pyramid Origami Earrings


Item collection 335676 original

Swarovski VINTAGE Crystal Pendant, 20mm Scottie Do


Item collection 335623 original

Pearl Necklace and Earrings


Item collection 335558 original

Pearl Stud Earrings


Item collection 335409 original

Big Balls-Wool Felting


Item collection 335353 original

Lavenders Czech-Ear Thread Earrings


Item collection 335301 original

Lavenders-Czech Necklace


Item collection 335169 original

Cranberries Pearls Bracelet-From Large to small



All items here are designed by me. I like to make anything that is simple, elegant and fun!

Please feel free to visit my sold inventory to see if any of it inspires you! I can almost always arrange another!

This month only, when you buy anything in this shop, you will get a pair free pearl earrings!

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